Nazar 2nd January 2020 Full HD Episode

Nazar 20th December 2019 Full HD Episode

Watch Nazar 20th December 2019 Today Episode By Star Plus and enjoy Hindi Drama Series Nazar all complete HD episodes. Watch Nazar 20th December 2019 Online at

Nazar (Hindi: नज़र) is an Hindi TV Series on Star Plus channel. Harsh Rajput (as male lead character), Smita Bansal (as a mother of male lead) are lead roles in the show. This serial is made under the Production of Gul Khan’s 4 Lions Films. It is Starts/Launch on July 2018.

The story revolves around Mohana, a 250-year-old life-force sucking vampire-like humanoid called daayan, who also knows “jaadu-tona” (witchcraft). Mohana kills people by draining their vitality to keeps herself young and beautiful. Her “nazar” (evil eye) wreaks havoc in the lives of the Rathods. Along with daayans, the Raathod family and Reevaavanshis (a secret society of monster-hunters) also encounter a number of other paranormal entities; including churels, yakshavan-jeevis, jalparis, rakshasas amongst other creatures.

Mohana Rathod, a 251 year old Daayan, sustains herself by sucking out the life force of her victims. She enchants Mridul Rathod with her surreal beauty, after which they marry and have two children; Ansh and Kajal. Mohana wins Mridul’s favour by helping him amass great wealth through black magic while she gradually drains his vitality leading to his premature death. Mohana also kills Mridul’s mother to hide her secret identity but the Rathods grow suspicious anyway. A worried Vedashree Rathod (Mridul’s sister in law) seeks help from her friend Divya Sharma, who is a psychicalwizardess and “Reevavanshi” (member of a clan of monster-hunters) comes to help Mridul’s bewitched family and ward off the evil eye. Divya slashes Mohana’s plait by throwing a daivik dagger, which makes Mohana powerless. Once cornered, Mohana is set on fire by the villagers and Mridul’s family which turns her into stone. She is then captivated in a temple bound by magical spells. Yet Mohana’s evil eye (Nazar) still lurks on the family as she is a unique and powerful Daayan called “Ekayan”. Vedashree and Shekhar(her husband) adopts Ansh and Kajal.

Serial Name: Nazar
Telecast Date: 20th December 2019
Video Source : Standard Video Licence
Distributed By : Star Plus And Hotstar

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